With so many different types of mattresses available to buy today, some people need help in determining which would be the best one for them. Fortunately for those people there is a mattress guide available online and in fact there are several of them, most of which have reviewed many of the different mattresses but all of which offer descriptions of the various different types.

Most mattresses bought today are made of foam but it is very important for both your comfort and your wallet, to ensure that you buy the correct one for you. Regular foam mattresses are probably the type that most people have today but they are probably starting to become misshaped due to years of constant use. Mattress manufacturers are aware of this and so developed a new type of foam mattress, one which would last longer without losing its shape and thanks to the space industry they found memory foam.

Memory foam affords the same comfort level as regular foam mattress do but as memory foam returns to its original shape after having been laid on these memory foam mattresses can be reasonably expected to last longer before becoming uncomfortable. A build-up of heat can occur when you lie on a memory foam mattress though and so the manufacturers had to devise something which would allow the heat to be more evenly distributed.

The manufacturers were able to solve the heat build-up problem by incorporating a gel into the memory foam and so some of the more recently available mattresses are sold as gel mattresses which of course doesn’t mean they are made from gel, just that gel in mixed in with the memory foam to avoid heat problems.

As the different mattress manufacturers are always trying to design a mattress which is more comfortable than any of their rival’s mattresses, yet another new mattress has recently been introduced and this type of mattress is called an all foam mattress and consists of several different layers of different types of foam. Support for the mattress is offered by a bottom layer of rigid foam and comfort is ensured by the next level containing regular foam. To ensure that the mattress maintains its original shape, a next layer consists of memory foam and lastly, the top layer, the last layer, is made with memory foam complete with the gel additive to ensure that the sleeper is guaranteed a cool night’s sleep.

Although most of these mattresses can assure you a good night’s rest, some of them can be a little expensive but there is an alternative you could try if you would rather not pay for a full mattress. The alternative is to buy a mattress topper. A mattress topper is basically a mini mattress as it is not so thick due to it being designed to have its support offered by an old mattress or cheaper mattress. The mattress toppers are available in all the same types as full mattresses and so they can afford you the comfort without the need to spend as much.