Choosing a Hotel

When we are planning our vacation many of us will spend quite some time deciding which hotel we should stay in. We will often consider the amenities each has to offer and perhaps the price they charge but we are sometimes limited to those hotels by the travel company we choose to use. Travel companies choose several hotels and then book them in bulk, reducing the price but also restricted their client’s choices. These travel companies therefore create what has become known as mass tourism, lots of people going to the same hotels and taking part in the same activities as the travel agents also arrange excursions to what they claim to be the most popular venues.

This mass tourism is big business and places such as the Spanish coast and the Spanish islands have been prime destinations for the mass tourist as they offer sunshine and plenty of beautiful sandy beaches. Often though, these mass tourist destinations are avoided by the more discerning traveller that prefers a more personal itinerary and more freedom of choice of where they stay and what they do. Lanzarote which is the most easterly of the Canary Islands, located 125 miles west of the African coast is a well-known destination for mass tourism, as are the rest of the islands in that chain however, Lanzarote is now doing something to change its image and become a popular destination for individual travellers as well as the tourists travelling as part of large groups.

The aim of Lanzarote is not to become a glitzy glamorous resort competing against such destinations as Cannes, Nice or Monte Carlo nor to abandon mass tourism but they do hope to become known as a chic, eco-friendly destination suitable for group or individual travellers. When you look at hotels lanzarote or hotels in other mass tourism destinations, you will see that the majority of them are large and often impersonal and that is something that Lanzarote hopes to change as they also want to be able to offer more personalized accommodations, perhaps in smaller hotels. Displaying this change in appearance the recently opened hotel La Isla y el Mar in Lanzarote’s Puerto del Carmen is perhaps a perfect example as it is relatively small, only 82 suites and yet can offer anything even the most discerning traveller may want. Its location is ideal only being 10 miles from the airport and yet it is only 400m from the beach. For those times a guest wants a rest from the beach, a shopping center is just 500m away but guests do not even have to leave the hotel to enjoy a relaxing visit to the island as the terrace, next to the swimming pool offers some of the best views of the sea anywhere on the island. Then there is the hotel’s spa offering an assortment of different treatments, both local and international and for that personalized touch they specialize in treatments especially designed for couples but singles are also welcome.